Reflection on the power shortage in the world in Q3 2021

The Chinese say that there must be light, and all of China will become bright. In 2019, China’s annual power generation capacity was 714.221 billion kWh. But what people did not expect was that in 2021, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, China’s northern and northeastern regions experienced rare power cuts. However, in addition to our country, there are also problems with electricity issues. In the UK and India, the price of electricity in the UK has skyrocketed by 7 times, while in India there has been a large-scale blackout. What is going on?

Power lines are seen near a publicity board depicting a bull in El Berron, near Oviedo,  northern Spain December 26, 2013.      REUTERS/Eloy Alonso/File Photo

There is a power shortage all over the world, and almost no one is spared

After the National Day holiday, the cold air hit the trend. Due to the power cuts in parts of North China and Northeast China, this has caused a very negative impact on the normal life of Chinese residents. In order to solve this problem, the central government made unified dispatch to first solve the problem of residents’ electricity consumption and guarantee the residents’ basic living electricity. The current problem has been solved. However, looking at the entire world, China is not the only one that has electricity shortages.

According to Indian media reports, the Ministry of Coal of India issued a statement on October 10, stating that due to lack of fuel, India is afraid of the biggest power crisis. If the problem is not resolved in a short period of time, then India may face large-scale power outages. , New Delhi will not be spared by then. On the other side of the earth, according to British media statistics, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the basic living supplies of British residents have been affected since late September, and the price of electricity in the UK has skyrocketed by nearly 7 times.

What’s wrong, it’s all our fault

When power outages are no longer a common phenomenon, why are we suddenly running out of electricity in 2021? In fact, in the final analysis, this is still our own fault. Under the influence of the new crown epidemic and extreme weather, electricity consumption in all parts of the world is increasing. The increase in demand does not directly reflect the supply side, and this The most direct result is that energy prices have soared.

The rising energy prices will cause many countries to panic buying energy as reserves. After all, winter is about to enter. If the major countries in the northern hemisphere do not have enough energy reserves, their residents may face loss of heating. danger. Lithuania in Eastern Europe and the United Kingdom in Western Europe seem to have harbingers of this kind of danger, and if countries don’t work together to figure out a solution, this winter may be the coldest.

Still cooperate, but some people still say no

In the final analysis, cooperating to fight the epidemic and jointly respond to the energy crisis is a problem that the earth poses to mankind. If we answer well, then the world will still be ours; but if we answer badly, then we may become outcasts of the world. Therefore, if we want to restore peace to the world, then we need to seriously consider the issue of common development, instead of using the crisis as a political bargaining chip.

How we can respond?

Finally, the author believes that there are still many uncertainties in the current global epidemic, coupled with a series of uncertainties such as rising global raw material prices, weak economic growth, and Fed monetary policy. In terms of energy prices, especially electricity, we individuals and families should participate as soon as possible. Come to the green power action. At present, many household solar energy solutions, including Tesla powerwall, have a relatively low cost per kilowatt-hour of electricity generation, and families with conditions can consider deploying them as soon as possible. If Tesla’s powerwall is more expensive, you can also consider a more cost-effective solution from Chinese merchants. In addition, if you want to do some low-cost solar energy trials first, you can also try the solar light lights we recently evaluated.

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