ESI Europe and LAUNCH Webinar


The LAUNCH and ESI Europe projects have the common objective to stimulate investments in energy efficiency projects by developing standardised tools for project developers and financiers.

In this webinar, representatives from both projects will explain more about the objectives and benefits of their work and how this can support SMEs in getting their deals closed. Moreover, they will focus on the materials that help financing institutions and insurance companies accelerate the financing processes.

The risk assessment protocol developed by the LAUNCH project aims to establish an agreed methodological structure of the key risk areas that public and private entities look at to decide if to invest in a project or pipeline of projects. This would guide project developers in the identification of the right risks and possible mitigation measures.

The insurance element of the ESI Europe project is a key component of the Energy Savings Insurance (ESI) model. By covering future energy savings guaranteed by providers it creates the trust for energy efficiency investments to happen, especially among SMEs clients. The model is composed of other additional elements, such as a standardised contract, an independent technical validation process and access to green finance. Together, they compose “GoSafe with ESI” and support providers in unlocking opportunities and increase the uptake of energy-efficient technologies in the market.

The LAUNCH project

LAUNCH is a EU H2020-funded project that aims to accelerate deal closure and pipeline growth for Sustainable Energy Assets through standardised material. This includes investor-grade Energy Performance Contracts, standardised risk assessment protocols for investors, a roadmap for project developers to access growth capital, and market-tested value propositions for project developers’ end clients.

The ESI Europe project

The ESI EuroESI Europe is an EU H2020-funded project that aims to develop and implement the Energy Savings Insurance (ESI) model in Italy, Portugal and Spain. “GoSafe with ESI” comprises financial and non-financial elements of the ESI model designed to work together to reduce the risk for firms to invest in energy efficiency and create trust and credibility among key actors.

Who should attend?

Cities representatives, project developers, ESCOs and consultants with an ambition to learn more on a key financial topic that would increase the chances to get projects financed by third-party investors.Financial institutions, fund managers and insurance companies interested in the standardized approach to risk assessment for 16 different risk types that the LAUNCH risk tool providesProject developers and technology providers interested in creating trust in their energy-efficient projects and unlocking new business opportunitiesFinancial institutions, fund managers and insurance companies interested in the innovative ESI model and its core element, the energy savings insurance

What will you learn?

What is the LAUNCH project and what is the standardised risk assessment protocol wants to achieve?Why risk assessment is important from an investor perspectiveWhat is the GoSafe with ESI solution developed in the ESI Europe project?What are the main characteristics of the insurance of GoSafe with ESI?

This webinar will provide an ideal platform to learn more about how to build trust with investors through innovative financing tools.


15:00 – Welcome and introduction (Daniel Magallón, Managing Director of BASE)15:05 – The LAUNCH project: When standardization meets risk mitigation (Michael Pachlatko, European Director at Joule Assets Europe)15:15 – The ESI Europe project: Guaranteed savings insured with GoSafe with ESI (Livia Miethke Morais, Sustainable Energy Finance Specialist at BASE)15:25 – How the LAUNCH Risk Assessment Protocol can help financial fund invest in EE projects (Quentin Nerincx, LAUNCH Consortium member, BNP Paribas Fortis)15:35 – The role of insurance in the ESI Europe project (Miguel Ángel Medina Martín, Bonding Manager at Credito y Caución)15:45 – Q&A and conclusion (Daniel Magallón, Managing Director at BASE)

Watch the webinar recording here.

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