CaaS E-Summit confirms world-class speakers

We’re taking online events to the next level with our upcoming free-to-attend Global E-Summit, uniting the Cooling as a Service community from around the world. Don’t miss out; register now! 

The Global Cooling as a Service E-Summit, happening virtually on December 1st this year, is generating strong interest from key players in the private sector, includings  financiers, solution providers, business leaders, building owners/operators, and more. Have you booked your spot yet?

The event will highlight the benefits of servitisation as a way to bring energy-efficient cooling systems to the market, while reducing waste in the industries taking part and generating value for the stakeholders involved. 

From anywhere in the world, you will be able to join and debatewith industry leaders on important questions such as:

How can we implement CaaS for our industry? Where has CaaS been implemented already and which technologies have been already deployed with CaaS?What are the typical financial returns of CaaS?  How does CaaS leverage the value of digital technologies?And how do we overcome the challenges to deploy CaaS at scale?

Speaker line-up 

An exciting agenda is taking shape with  various  high-profile business leaders involved in servitisation in the cooling industry (and beyond) having confirmed their participation as speakers already. 

Here is a short snapshot of what attendees can expect:

The event will take place throughout the whole day CET time, and the agenda is shaped to accommodate both ASEAN and LATAM time zones as well.

Asian Experience

The CaaS team, together with Dave Mackerness from KAER in Singapore, will kick-off the event at 9am CET with an opening speech on the rationale and benefits of servitisation in the cooling industry. KAER are pioneers in CaaS and have today a diversified portfolio of projects who have adopted the service in Singapore, India, and other regions of South East Asia. 

African and Latin American Experience

A case study session will follow where several companies will present their experience with the implementation of CaaS, featuring implemented CaaS projects, share customer feedback, and speak to the potential of this innovative business model on the market. The speakers will include Dawie Kriel, Head of Business Development at Energy Partners Refrigeration (South Africa), and Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu, CEO and founder of ColdHubs (Nigeria).  During the afternoon session (CET), MGM Innova will present one of their flagship CaaS projects in Colombia, and various CaaS incubator companies will provide insights into their implementation process thus far. The panels will outline the adoption of the model in large commercial and industrial buildings, as well as smaller off-grid refrigeration applications. 

Insights to the CaaS Toolkit and Mechanisms

The event will also include sessions focussed on the mechanics of the model, including a deep-dive into the CaaS contract and pricing tool, panels addressing the investor perspective, as well as sessions dedicated to customers who have already adopted and benefitted from the cooling service. Among the speakers will be Morgan Richmond, Climate Finance Analyst at the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance, who has been actively  involved in the development of the pricing model;  as well as Michael Vaccianna, lawyer from Vaccianna & Whittingham, with whom the CaaS team iterated and optimised the CaaS contractual agreement. They will be joined by Jonathan First, Lead Specialist at the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) who will lead a panel conversation of investors active in CaaS projects.

The E-Summit will then move to a dedicated session on the value of servitisation, its impact on the economy, and its potential as a climate solution and accelerator of the circular economy.  This discussion will continue in the afternoon to focus on servitisation beyond cooling. These sessions will feature high-profile speakers such as  Clay Nesler, VP Global Energy and Sustainability for Johnson Controls, a leading voice in the cooling industry when it comes to business model innovation and sustainability; as well as Tomas Naucler, Global Leader of McKinsey’s Aftermarket & Services Practice.

CaaS and COVID Vaccine Distribution

With COVID-19 impacting businesses globally; the E-Summit will include a session dedicated on how CaaS is supporting a faster, leaner, and sustainable implementation of refrigeration systems to support an effective and reliable deployment of vaccines across the globe. The key focus of this panel will be on the role of CaaS in repurposing technology to deliver a variety of services to audiences. Toby Peters, Professor in Cold Economy at the University of Birmingham will open and moderate a panel of experts on this topic.

The second part of the day, which will also include the sessions described above, will be kicked off by Iain Campbell, Senior Fellow at Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) who will share his view on servitisation for the cooling industry based on his experience in leadership positions at Johnson Controls and York, as well as on extensive research in models like Lumens as a Service.

Jigar Shah and Servitisation

The afternoon will feature a session with Jigar Shah, President and Co-Founder of General Capital, and previously known as the Founder and CEO of SunEdison. Shah will share his views on the “as a Service”-model and the potential he sees for the market today, as this model has also shaped Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and resulted in the rapid uptake of photovoltaic technology. His valuable experience in business model innovation and entrepreneurship will give the audience a deep-dive into the potential of servitisation towards sustainable climate solutions.

Secure your spot 

We expect an attendance of +1,000 people from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. However places are limited – hence we invite all parties that are interested to register. Registration is mandatory to secure attendance at this world-leading event. Make sure to book your spot now to avoid disappointment.

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