BASE joins the NDC Partnership

BASE is excited to have joined the NDC Partnership and continue supporting countries achieve their ambitious climate goals, while advancing sustainable development.

The NDC Partnership is a global coalition, with more than more than 180 countries, institutions, and non-state actors, that aims to help countries achieve their national climate commitments and ensure that financial and technical assistance is delivered as efficiently as possible. As part of its in-country work, NDC Partnership supports governments by bringing together a wide range of national and sub-national government stakeholders, non-governmental actors, and implementing and development partners to share information and forge a collaborative approach to scaled-up climate action.

By joining the NDC Partnership, BASE aims to support the Partnership’s work in climate finance action through targeted technical assistance and capacity building; knowledge products; opportunities for knowledge sharing and learning; and support a peer community around countries implementing their NDCs.

“We are excited to welcome BASE to the NDC Partnership and look forward to the value they will bring to our shared mission,” said Pablo Vieira, NDC Partnership Global Director. “For two decades, BASE has driven investments in climate change solutions and built bridges between sectors and actors to combat climate change. That makes them an ideal partner for the collaborative, country-driven approach we bring to implementing the Paris Agreement“.

“We are very excited to have joined the NDC Partnership, a key coalition that supports climate and sustainable development targets, and we look forward to a fruitful collaboration with NDC Partnership and its members” said Daniel Magallón, Managing Director of BASE.

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