BASE and WorldGBC start a collaborative partnership

The World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) has joined forces with BASE to mainstream the Cooling as a Service (CaaS) business model around Latin America.

The WorldGBC is a global network leading the transformation of the built environment to make it healthier and more sustainable. North, Central, and South America all share the risks that come with growing cities, climate change and resource scarcity. And all recognise that buildings offer a key opportunity to address problems, mitigate risk and improve communities.

CaaS has showed a big potential to be introduced in buildings, as building owners do not need to invest in the cooling system, nor bare any performance risk and can channel the “pay per unit of cooling” to the tenants to overcome the split incentive. Based on calculations for Mexico, CaaS could help save up to 23 per cent of cooling costs for customers and reduces emissions from electricity use and coolant leakage by up to 49 per cent. 

Thus, WorldGBC as a global network leading the transformation of the built environment to make it healthier and more sustainable has joined the CaaS Alliance to help the transition towards clean and efficient cooling.  This alliance aims to support the process of mainstreaming the CaaS business model into the markets and gathers technology providers, investors, building networks and international organisations. The CaaS Alliance creates a collaborative environment between stakeholders active in the market as well as facilitators to spread the word about the model, build capacity, and implement the model in different sectors and regions.

As an outreach partner, WorldGBC will support the mainstreaming of the CaaS model by identifying and facilitating opportunities for pilot projects, organising workshops on energy efficiency and net zero carbon building, arranging webinars for technical training and supporting the marketing and communications efforts.

WorldBGC and BASE are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration in 2020.

“BASE is very excited to have joined efforts with WorldGBC, a key player sustainable buildings, in Cooling as a Service and the global mission to unlock investment in climate-friendly and energy-efficient cooling.” said Daniel Magallón, Managing Director of BASE

“We’re delighted to enter into this partnership to enable our Green Building Councils to investigate new solutions to providing energy to Latin America.” said Juanita Aalvarez, Head WorldGBC Americas Regional Network.

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